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When I was a kid, in the 1950's, there were always National Geographics around the house, a gift from my grandfather. He had worked on the Panama Canal and, having 'seen the world', wanted to make sure that his offspring were exposed. I pored over those photos made by the great travel photographers of two generations ago. I was a real wannabe.

Now I pore over the images made by the great travel photographers of this age. Their work is still laying around the house - on my computer. And I'm still a wannabe. I will list here the photographers that I like (and that have great image-filled websites) as I find them. Many of course, are National Geographic contributors.

Mike Hettwer
Steve McCurry
Jim Richardson
John Stanmeyer
George Steinmetz
Ami Vitale
and every other National Geographic Photographer
Timothy Allen
Bruno Barbey
Remi Benali
Phil Douglis
David duChemin
Tewfic El-Sawy (and his blog)
Dario Endara
Gavin Gough
Karl Grobl
Mitchell Kanashkevich
Bob Krist
Lisa Kristine
France Leclerc (and her blog)
Eric Meola
Pascal Meunier
Palani Mohan